Ideas Breakdown

The DIGD501 Game Design Project Brief talks about integrating value in a 2D platformer and provides us with a list of potential values we can apply to give our games further meaning. For my game, I am thinking about implementing a combination of the values of Security, Safety (much like Mario), and Creativity and Expression (concerning more of the art style), still having the player’s survival be the core focus of gameplay, with goals such as keeping his health bar as high as possible and the like.

I D E A S   B R E A K D O W N
According to the five basic gaming elements

  1. Space: Grounded
  2. Components: Survival skills
  3. Mechanics: Use of Physics
  4. Goals: High Health Bar, Maximum Lives
  5. Rules: –

A R T    S T Y L E
Pixel Art or Concept Art?

For the production of my game, I will be using GameMaker Studio by YoYo Games, which is a program that recommends pixel art as it is apparently a lot easier to work with than the latter specifically when it comes to map construction. However, I’d like to challenge myself a little for this project, mostly for the fact that Concept Art is visually more appealing than pixel art.


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