Post-Production Highlights (MoCap)

This year’s MoCap study has been both an informative and stressful ride, and I will aim to all the techniques I’ve learnt and issues I’ve dealt with upon completion of the last few bits of the assessment in this entry.

Watch a montage of my pre-vis reference videos here

Data Clean-up. I found the clean-up process on Cortex to be the most time-consuming even after splitting the data between us in an attempt to be efficient. We may have been able to avoid some issues such as marker switches, but sometimes miss minor errors until after exporting, most of which were due to using Cubic join too much and unintentionally having markers fly off, causing us to restart the process. Fortunately, we were advised to work on duplicates of our original data, just so there are increments and backup available to prevent us from losing any more time and potentially crucial files. As soon as we finished clean-up I compiled our new data into a folder for everyone in the group, and from then on it was an individual project.

Motion Builder-Maya Pipeline. Throughout this year in my Digital Design course I’ve had a lot of experiences with 3D from previous projects (namely character modelling, rigging and animation). With that said, I didn’t have too much trouble with the supposed complexity of the technical work in the pre-vis so I was able to go through the tutorials and adapt to the techniques quite quickly. I’m not so familiar with Motion Builder, so after I finished adding extra hand animations, I worked on trimming in Maya via the Time Editor, surprisingly a feature I’d never used before, just so I have all my assets perfectly in sync in the farm scene. I wanted to be able to edit my character animations in Maya as I would in a video-editing program and the Time Editor allowed me to do this, but of course this discovery didn’t come without complicated issues, which taught me to be flexible and work around the problem. Regardless, I did enjoy the process in Motion Builder and found this assignment to be a helpful introduction.

Playblasts. I submitted my pre-vis draft for the formative on the 25th of September, and got my lecturer’s feedback. The only problem he had with it other than the absence of a crowd and a police rifle which I was meant to add in later on, was some close-up shots not having enough head room for my character. He also wanted me to do change my low-angle establishing shot at the start of the scene to something a bit more eloquent, which I did along with other improvements like the addition of audio and laser beams for my summative.


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