War of the Worlds Storyboard (MoCap)

This year’s Motion Capture assignment brief had two scripts attached, Godzilla and War of the Worlds, one of which we are told to adapt and create a short pre-visualisation sequence based on. The sequence has to effectively tell a story, and should therefore comprise of characters that are motion captured and depicted through virtual cameras on a 3D environment.

In Week 1 I formed a group with 5 other people (Emiri, TJ, Angie, Narjis and Iris) and together we chose to do ‘War of the Worlds’:


Storyboarding. Before production, planning our shots in a storyboard is the first key step. Outlining ideas is my forte and I personally enjoyed this part of the project, producing a digital storyboard that best visualises my take on the story. The WOTW script proves to be challenging with a very specific chain of events, which could potentially to limit us from being original. Thankfully we were granted the creative choice of crafting our own endings to the scene, and so my group thought it best to do individual storyboards for our own separate interpretations. We came up with two alternate endings—one where both the cows and Sanchez survive, and another where they don’t—which we all agreed to capture for everyone to use. I wanted to do a tragic comedy, and so I went with the latter.

Read about my reflection of the capture session here

Read about the post-production highlights of the project here


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