Enemy Modelling and Texturing

I may have applied pretty much the exact same process here as my Posthumus model I described in this blog entry, however, it is important to note that they are two opposing characters in the game narrative, and should therefore have some evident individuality in the modelling. Minor differences include taking into account that the android exterior should not have deformities (something I left alone on the human model to make it seem more natural) and have to look shinier to give off a metallic feel.

I used Connor’s front and side views of the character as reference and started off with moulding the torso from a Primitive Cube Polygon base, working my way down to the feet. I modelled the arms separately this time from a sphere base, and later combined the mesh with the torso whilst keeping the sphere intact. This is so that it stays true to its machine-like motion later on with animations – if i had extruded the arms directly from the sides of the body, the shoulder rotations will create deformations, which is not what we want on a robot. I have also increased the texture’s Specular Shading and Eccentricity to make the model shinier.

Below is my finished render:

Check out the animation show reel here.


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