Further Character Design Developments

This project is not entirely individual, and so it is important to get my group’s approval first before moving on with anything else. I showed them my progress and tried to get any suggestions or feedback they might have. I was told to make slight changes on the length of the foot, as it’ll help for later emphasis in his movement once I’ve come to work on the navigating animation, as well as reducing the size of the head just a tad to create the illusion of balance, as the previous design did look a little uncomfortable. I’ve also managed to add strands of hair as a subtle yet distinguishable hint to the fact that Posthumus is a Human, a small change that makes up for his overall character.


Texturing is another important stage in character design as this handles most of the details. No matter how low your polygon count is, textures help to create illusions of detail and thus further boost some features that are otherwise brushed off just by simply moving vertices in the object. Trying to find the right UV map I was happy with took me almost just as long as modelling.

As shown, Posthumus is relatively better looking with added hand-painted textures as well as ambient specular shading; he’s ready to move.



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