Posthumus Character Concept

I’m 1/2 of the concept artists in our group who is assigned to focus on the design of our playable and main character, Posthumus. Below are my initial design concepts with respect to the art style my group decided on, e.g. a low polygon, easily rendered chibi, with simplified features and over-emphasised head.


To ensure the feasibility of my concept, I did some research on game character models.

As much as my group liked this initial design, we had to take into consideration the amount of time it’ll take for later modelling, hence the addition of the hood to the character to try and cover up his detailed, presumably high polygon hair, and transferring the focus to another feature, achieved in the development stage:


As I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, another person in the group (Connor Brown) helped with the concept brainstorm for our playable character, and he came up with a Star Wars inspired robot whose features, specifically the arm and mouth details, I decided to combine with mine. This is evident via the striped sleeves and mouth mask. The results are considerably a lot more minimalistic, which is what we wanted and would match the rest of the game’s aspects.


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