The Spectrum Maps + Finishing touches

  • Above are rough visuals of the last 3 levels of my game, ready for coding.
  • For the sake of variety and a more exciting game play, I made lots more different variations for each of my main objects (player, enemy, orbs and walls). Some enemies can now rotate clockwise and/or counter clockwise around a certain wall, some use physics while others just fly in and out of rooms whenever they feel like it.
  • Some walls are made to look like planks which you can drop down from at any time, while some remain solid and still; I’ve also made a few disappearing walls (those that destroy themselves upon collision with the player).
  • What I currently find the trickiest to code is changing my player’s sprite index again upon collision with a colour (e.g. character’s clothing turns red as it unlocks Red).
  • One new feature I’ve yet to add that I’ve recently learnt is to do with unlocking parts of a level through a lever.
  • I’ve produced the following components via Photoshop and my Wacom Tablet. Image (1) will appear when the player dies with 0 lives left to respawn, and so will variations of image (2) when it reaches the end of each level.

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