“Curio City” Game Treatment


Game Story Abstract
Curio City is a 2D Platformer game in which the player is in control of a nameless character trapped in a chalkboard, who, having an unknown backstory and destination, is driven only by her survival instinct to outrun all the hostile entities such as that of Erasers threatening her very existence. Motivated to find refuge, she discovers a trail of sparkling white orbs which she ends up following the sooner she finds colour amongst them. The more colours she collects the stronger and more persistent she becomes in overcoming Eraser territories.
Read previous blogpost for my game storyline

The mockup is to be rendered to portray a grunge look, with positive coloured objects against a negative space, as the game is set on a chalkboard.

Player Roles and Actions
The main objective is survival, as well as collecting orbs / unlocking colours and hence enhancing the look and strength of your character. Just like any platformer, at the end of each level is a portal that will trigger an alarm which will then calculate the amount of orbs you’ve collected to display on screen.

Strategies and Motivations
Your only pathway are those drawn in chalk. This is a gravity-based 2D game, i.e. falling into eraser territory from the chalk planks can either cost you a health orb (which you gain from unlocking new colours) or, if you’ve got none left, end the game. If you fail to outrun erasers, you either lose the health orbs you gained, or have your character erased, restarting the level. The best strategy is to outrun all obstacles and make it to the end of each level with as much orbs intact as possible.

Level Summary
It will be composed of and divided into 3 levels.
Each level is a map that represents the cursive first letter of a colour in the visible spectrum; from Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, all the way to Red. Parts of the first two levels will be tutorials, the final level will not have guideline; it will be deliberately left vague for the sake of the player’s gameplay. Each map also provides one colour you unlock, according to the one it represents e.g. V map gives you Violet orbs, and so forth.

Story Progression
Text prompts will serve as a guide for the player in the first level, assisting them with the game mechanics and which way to go.

Hardware and Software Specs
The game will be playable on a Windows PC, running at a max 720p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Visual Slides

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