Curio City – First build

I have added quite a bit more features into my game since my last Game Maker entry. The first one worth mentioning is the sprite animations, where I learned to switch the idle player’s sprite index to a running, jumping and falling animation respectively. Due to some previous issues I had concerning the image quality of my player object being degraded by Game Maker, I had to re-draw all my sprites to make them all seem less pixelated, which was apparently a major con when dealing with anything that isn’t pixel art in the program.

In the end, I managed to resolve this issue kudos to Shaun Spalding’s YouTube Tutorials, recreated my sprites and got each animation to work flawlessly.

Since my game revolves around the theme of survival, my character is bound to run into some enemies and allies throughout her journey in Curio City. Since she’s drawn in chalk, the obvious answer for enemies will be erasers, and I came up with the idea of having her collect colours in order to progress through the game and hence help her overcome the threats that surround her. As a result, I have also started to work on my first level map, which draws out the cursived letters “V” and “I” to stand for “Violet” and “Indigo”, colours that my character would have unlocked by the end of the level.

I made different variations of the enemy object – brown erasers are those she can kill, while the white ones are those she can only avoid colliding with.



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