Prototyping a Race to the End board game

There are four criterias to be met in designing a simple race game: Picking a setting, crafting the space, coming up with an appropriate objective / set of rules that allows players to travel from point A to B, and lastly, conflict. In today’s class, we were divided into groups of three to create our own Race to the End board game based off of current newspaper stories, and under a time constraint of 40 minutes. My group’s eyes somehow landed on one about a dairy company called Fonterra; it was all downhill from there.

Name: “Y’all need sum milk!” by Daniel, Yeonbi and Myreen

Everyone is a Fonterra Milk Deliverer. The goal is to reach Fonterra.
Roll a dice to move on.
🐮 miss a turn, 🌾 move up 2, 👶 roll again, 👣 shortcut, 😡 move back 5
First to reach Fonterra wins

Players Rating and Review: 3.5/5. “Not bad, but the game was too easy – there is less interactivity while playing. Add more challenge, and maybe make the game harder to end.”


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