Character Concept

We started designing the heroes of our 2D platformer game today in class. I started mine off with some simple quick sketches on paper as shown below, and began applying different types of art styles the sooner I felt confident with how my character came through.


Limbo was presented earlier on in the lecture as part of the stronger examples of visually appealing games that used silhouttes (ie positive and negatives), and it’s where I got the ‘white on black’ concept inspired from; it seems very reminiscent of a chalkboard art style, which I ended up taking forward to my development stage:


Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Chalkboard-drawn chibi with long hair tied to a bun, full fringe, loose strands of hair on sides of the face, baggy striped top and leggings
Personality: Bubbly, confident, curious, spontaneous


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